ID 9668


date of birth: 11.9.1993
height: 168 cm
weight: 54 kg
country: Russia
city: Novosibirsk
level of english: so so
children: none
marital status: single
smoking: no
introduction letter: I?m the kind of person who likes shearing time with the loved ones as well as I need some time on my own to develop my personal and professional activities. I guess I?m easygoing most of the time, It doesn?t mean I?m willing to do anything the others want, is just that I find it easy to adapt myself to the people around. I like smart and strong people who don?t take themselves that seriously and are able to laugh about the problems while trying to find the solution.

I am: honest, kind, optimistic, cheerful, romantic

I like: romantic evenings, dancing, jogging

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