ID 7393


date of birth: 30.5.1994
height: 172 cm
weight: 53 kg
country: Russia
city: Tyumen
level of english: good
children: none
marital status: single
smoking: no
introduction letter: I am very sensitive, but at the same time I can feel people and can help if it is needed. At heart I'm a romantic person. If I set a goal, then I go for it by all means.I know how to compromise, to listen to each other and hear. I can be quiet now, and very passionate tomorrow. It all depends on what kind of person to talk to me and treats me like. At the right moment I am soft, flexible, like a cat. I quite tactful, on many subjects can keep the conversation going.

I am: responsible, kind, optimistic, cheerful

I like: meeting friends, romantic evenings, dancing, shaping

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