ID 10847


date of birth: 19.8.1994
height: 167 cm
weight: 50 kg
country: Ukraine
city: Kharkov
level of english: fluent
children: none
marital status: single
smoking: no
introduction letter: it is the most important and ..the hardest to open up. All of my life I am trying to knock into the people's souls not through words yet through my creations. I am a chef and a confecioner and I learnt long ago that the taste depends not so on the ingredients yet n the emotions you put inside. I put love in the creations I make and I can see how the mood of the person who tries it change, maybe it is only my imagination yet I tend to believe in that and it is in everything you do and say - that is how I try to live. I am looking not for the one who will respect appreciate and care for me yet for the one i can appreciate and cherish help to become a better person and achieve his dreams as I believe we live in a world where the law of similarity rules, and if I find get to know and then love and appreciate this person I would get the same in return creating harmonious relationship full of love and happiness.

I am: kind

I like: meeting friends

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