ID 10751


date of birth: 22.7.1985
height: 170 cm
weight: 56 kg
country: Russia
city: Petrozavodsk
level of english: good
children: none
marital status: single
smoking: no
introduction letter: I am creative and like to make things look nice. I am never bored, always excited to be useful and helpful as well as happy to learn new things, work on myself, be active or creative.A man who knows himself well, his strengths and weaknesses, who loves and respects himself enough to be able to give love to others. A full man. An active, skillful male who is happy to build, fix or create. A man I can always rely on and trust to. Some one who would love me unconditionally, who would make me laugh, excited, happy, feel secure, feel loved and protected. Some one with whom I could do anything in the world and it would always feel right no matter what. A witty man with the same chemistry as me. I am very flexible. I can be an elegant lady to represent my man well in a high society, then a good mate for a camping trip in all kinds of weather with all kinds of challenges, being very resourceful, practical and sensible and also a quiet and calm companion for a relaxing time at home with a book and homemade bread. I live healthy lifestyle. I do not need much to feel happy - fresh air, sun, smell of forest and a touch of warm hands. Yes, I do love man?s big and warm hands.

I am: honest, kind, optimistic, cheerful, romantic, elegant, smart

I like: meeting friends, camping, watch movies, romantic evenings

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