ID 10474


date of birth: 7.5.1990
height: 168 cm
weight: 54 kg
country: Russia
city: Lomonosov
level of english: so so
children: 1
marital status: divorced
smoking: no
introduction letter: I think that I am quite a strong person who was having hard days in her life but who could overcome them and do the next step! My friends know that i am such woman who will always find the way, because there are no unsolved problems - just hard decisions sometimes, do you agree with me? As for the rest - i am very calm and peaceful but i will fight for the truth and if i see that someone is hurt with no reason. I am the woman who knows how to take care about her and be in good shape, i know that i can spoil my man in different ways and he will always have my attention because i am very loving, tender and feminine and...i have big heart which i would like to show to my partner! Everyone lives in his own small world and i would like to wide my world for my man.

I am: responsible, honest, kind, purposeful, elegant

I like: meeting friends, picnics, reading, cooking, eating out

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